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Project 005

"Easy Service"  Cl2 Equipment Panel


The panel shown here was made to facilitate MAINTENANCE of the individual components. Each piece can be removed for service without shutting down the system.

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Easy Service Ejector Panels

This panel is built around Superior Chlorination Equipment equipment for the Town of New Castle, Colorado Water Treatment Plant, with redundancy for the Ejector, the Remote Metering Panel and the Flow-Proportioning Valve.

The additional Remote Metering Panel in the center would be used to manually boost chlorination if the use exceeded the 25 PPD Auto-Valves.


Panel by Mike Bean

 A Water Treatment Plant Operator at the Town of Wellington, Colorado, Mike built this panel and included a Rotameter to measure the flow as well as having the pressure gauges for Supply and Back Pressures.

This panel is built around Severn-Trent Services / Capital Controls equipment with Secondary Check valves in the gas supply lines.

This protects the Regulators (not shown) from water damage should the Ejector Check Valve become fouled.

Note: If the ball valves are open to the gauges fulltime, they would need to be shut off and drained periodically, like once a week, to flex the Bourdon tube inside and "function-check" the gauge. 

If a 30 second shutdown of the SYSTEM is possible, just shutting down the inlet side of the EJECTOR should accomplish this. This allows SYSTEM service checks or problems to be more accurately accomplished.


Easy Service Rotameter Panel

This Rotameter Panel was built with Redundancy and ease of maintenance for the Boulder Water Treatment Plant for Danny Freeman, Operations Supervisor.


Note: On an Ejector line, NEVER shut down the downstream valve before the upstream valve! This applies FULL SYSTEM PRESSURE to the Ejector Check Valve and if it's fouled, would allow water to flow back to the Auto-Valves and Ejectors which are rated for DRY Chlorine gas, not Chlorine Solution. If water does reach the equipment, Auto-Valve or Regulator, FULL DISASSEMBLY & CLEANING is NECESSARY TO PREVENT DAMAGE. Permanent damage can occur.

Construction of these and other devices are covered in my Chlorine Maintenance Training Classes.

All of our Training Classes are approved by the Colorado's Operators Certification Program for TU's.

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