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Project 003

Static Mixer - Capable of Disassembly for Cleaning

The blender above is a very efficient solution blender that I built and installed on a polymer blender for the city of Golden, CO. The polymer is "injected" through the nozzle made from 1/8" PVC pipe glued inside a 1/2" PVC nipple to allow it to travel past the water entrance into the mixing chamber before coming into contact with the water.


The water and "poly" mix and are then "strained" through the perforated PVC plate, where it again mixes. After several passes through the perforated plates, it's pretty much as mixed as it's going to get!

The perforated plate assembly can be taken apart by loosening the stainless steel nuts and washers at the ends and pulling the plates and spacers apart. This of course would mean that the clear PVC Pipe and bell reducers would have to be threaded to come apart! Instead of the bell reducers, I've used unions with reducing bushings so that the ends come off easily and the plate-spacer assembly, held in place with the end spacers, slides out for disassembly and cleaning.

Byron McElhinney, from Golden WTPl.assisted in the original design of this unit and helped refine it forthe final project.


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